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The objective at LUMENAR is to assist our clients to transition from their traditional lighting systems to a new, less expensive, more durable and environmentally friendly technology.

We provide professional advisory services for the implementation of the most appropriate products in each particular case such as:

• Lighting study
We provide lighting studies to find the most adequate and efficient configuration in terms of luminaires type and quantity necessary to achieve the client’s lighting required level, complying with safety standards and regulations.
• Integral advice
From project conception to final implementation.
• Cost and feasibility study
Performing ROI (return on investment) simulations, costs, calculating energy savings and repayment terms.
• Special Developments.
Custom design and development according to each particular case requirement.
• Intelligent Management Control
Automatic, via motion and twilight lighting.
• Recycling and conversion
Luminaires in general, explosion-proof, conventional.
• Installations and assembly
Obsolete luminaires removal, assembly of new luminaires, electrical installations.
Project execution (provision, installation and maintenance).
• Led lamp modules development for luminaire manufacturers
• Pre and Post-sale service


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