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Industrial luminaires PATAGON 25G Line are modular, robust, and have reliable design, suitable for outdoor use at high altitudes, and have long-distance reach 25 Degree lenses.

They support hostile climates, with winds of up to 150Km/H and low temperatures in saline and oil environments. Entirely made of AISI-304 stainless steel and AL1070 aluminum heatsinks with high thermal conductivity, LEDs performing 160Lm/W and above and equipped exclusively with industrial HLG series Drivers Meanwell that withstand line surges and transients typical in industrial and rural environments. They are suitable for continuous use and are delivered with IP68 connectors.

LUMENAR luminaires ensure superior reliability to your lighting project and adapt to existing remote management systems by dimming control. With low environmental impact technology, these luminaires have been designed and manufactured in Argentina and have 5 years warranty.
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